Synthetic Rubber Sole Ghillie Brogue Shoe

Synthetic Rubber Sole Ghillie Brogue Shoe is a popular and economical choice for your Highland Dress Outfit.


Endrick Synthetic sole Sole Ghillie Brogue Shoes


 Newest ghillie brogue from Gaelic Themes. The Endrick has a full leather upper, synthetic sole and linings. Padded top line and a cushioned heel for added comfort.


Available in US Mens Sizes 4-13



Ghillie Brogue Shoes, Ghillie Brogues are the most popular shoes worn with Highland Dress. They are open-fronted and have long laces that wrap around the ankle to tie, in the traditional style.

Rubber sole Scottish Ghillie Brogue Shoes
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  • Manufacturer: Highland Pride
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