Strathmore made to Measure Irish Tartan 8 Yard 11oz Kilt

Irish Tartan 8 Yard 11oz Kilt


Irish Tartan 11oz Kilt Our Kilts all feature only the highest quality worsted wool, 4 inch pleats and 3 leather belts. All Custom Made to Your Measurements! Please browse our Tartan Finder to select the tartan of your choice! Kilts are available pleated to the sett or stripe in the regimental fashion. We will pleat to the sett unless otherwise specified.

Please allow 8-12 weeks for this custom kilt.

 Made in Scotland, UK

Most historians seem to agree that the kilt was adopted by Irish Nationalists around the turn of the twentieth century.

Having said that, there are still some people who claim that the kilt has been worn in Ireland as far back as the sixteenth century.

Irish Tartan Kilt
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