Strathmore Custom made 11oz Kilt in Canadian or Military Tartans

8 yard 11oz Kilt with Canadian or Military Tartans

Our Kilts all feature only the highest quality worsted wool, 4 inch pleats and 3 leather belts. All Custom Made to Your Measurements! Please browse our Tartan Finder to select the tartan of your choice or clan! Kilts are available pleated to the sett or stripe in the regimental fashion. We will pleat to the sett unless otherwise specified. Kilts are a custom item and not returnable.

Made in Scotland, UK

Please allow 8-12 weeks for this custom kilt



The Scottish kilt displays uniqueness of design, construction, and convention which differentiate it from other garments fitting the general description. It is a tailored garment that is wrapped around the wearer's body at the natural waist (between the lowest rib and the hip) starting from one side (usually the wearer's left), around the front and back and across the front again to the opposite side. The fastenings consist of straps and buckles on both ends, the strap on the inside end usually passing through a slit in the waistband to be buckled on the outside; alternatively it may remain inside the waistband and be buckled inside.

A kilt covers the body from the waist down to the centre of the knees. The overlapping layers in front are called "aprons" and are flat; the single layer of fabric around the sides and back is pleated. A kilt pin is fastened to the front apron on the free corner (but is not passed through the layer below, as its function is to add weight). Underwear may or may not be worn, as the wearer prefers, although tradition has it that a "true Scotsman" should wear nothing under his kilt. The Scottish Tartans Authority, however, has described the practice as childish and unhygienic.


Strathmore Custom made 11oz Kilt in Canadian & Military Tartans
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