Scottish Tartan plaid Wool neckties

Scottish Tartan Plaid Wool Neckties


Our Scottish tartan plaid twill weight neck ties are imported directly from Scotland. Made of the finest twill wool, these ties are 3 1/2" width at base and are of standard tie length (55 1/2 inches). Our tartan ties are available in hundreds of clan tartans. Please select the clan of your choice from our Tartan Finder.

 Over 200 tartans available.

Most ties in stock. For others please allow 3-5 weeks for delivery or call 502-437-5697 for availability.

In the tartan Options: Anc (Ancient dye color), Mod (Modern dye Color), Wthd (Weathered Colors).

Made in Scotland, UK

Scottish Tartan plaid Twill weight Wool neckties
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