Scottish Clan Crest Dress Badger Fur Sporran

Scottish Clan Crest Dress Badger Fur Sporran


The Scottish Clan Crested Formal Highland Dress Badger fur Sporran with white fur tassels is available in over 120 clan crests and makes a wonderful addition to any formal kilt outfit. 

Sporrans generally fall into three categories: Daywear sporrans, which are generally of leather and are worn as informal dress or hunting, dress sporrans, which are made from sealskin, musquash, rabbit, badger etc and are purely formal items and semi-dress sporrans which are designed to be a compromise of the two.



Fur - Badger * Sporran Back - Black Grained Cantle - Open Weave Badge - Clan Crest Metal Badge Badge List or (Leather Embossed Clan Crest) Targe - Black Leather with Chrome Studs Tassels - Badger Fur with Chrome Chain and Balls Strap - Black Chain Strap Included *As badger is a natural item, coloring and spots will vary. Please allow 2 to 4 weeks for delivery

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Clan Crest Dress Badger Fur Sporran
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