Sash and Pin Rental

Sash and Pin Rental

 Add a little exra zazz to your outfit with the Sash and Pin rental or have the ladies add it to their's.

*rental outfits and rental items can only be shipped inside the U.S.A. and, or to U.S. Territories, or APO, FPO addresses.

 The Proper  Method of Wearing the Sash for Ladies



The info in the attachment was originally  put out by a respected member of Clan MacLeod. He mentioned he was indebted to Messrs.  Anderson & Sons, Ltd., I believe Anderson is located in Scotland. Also mentioned is that the info was taken from careful study of old portraits, prints, and traditional   practice, and appear with the authoritative approval of the Lord Lyon, King Of Arms.

    1. Style worn by Clan Women: The sash is worn over the right shoulder across the breast and is secured by a pin or small brooch on the right shoulder.

    2. Style worn by Wives of Clan Chiefs and by Wives of Colonels of Scottish Regiments: The sash which may be fuller in size is worn over the left shoulder and secured with a broach on the left shoulder.

    3. Style worn by ladies who have married out of their clans but who still wish to use their original clan tartan: The sash is usually longer than style 1, is worn over the right shoulder secured there with a pin and fastened in a large bow on the left hip.

    4. Style worn by country dancers or where any lady desires to keep the front of the dress clear of the sash. Perhaps to wear a sash of some chivalric order or any orders and  decorations. The style is similar to the belted plaid and is really a small arisaid.  It is buttoned on at the back of the waist, or is held by a small belt, and is secured at the right shoulder by a pin or small brooch, so that the ends fall backwards from the right shoulder and swing at the back of the right.


Or, just wear the sash any way you think looks nice. The Queen will just have to get over it.?


Rental Agreement, Please Read before check out:


I understand that I am obligated to send this rental back must be returned within 10 business days after my event & I understand that I am responsible for return shipping cost using USPS, UPS, FedEx or local return.


The Scotland Yard Store TRIPLE checks each item for correct measurement before it is packaged for shipment.  I understand that if I give The Scotland Yard Store incorrect item measurements and want replacement items, (that you the Renter are responsible for any additional shipping costs. The Scotland Yard will do our best to try and get your rental items to you 5 days before your event. Please try on your items immediately for fit.  (Express overnight shipping is expensive; please take the time to measure correctly).


The Scotland Yard Store is not responsible for late delivery of rental outfits due to carrier error, accidents, weather, emergencies, natural disasters, acts of God, labor disputes, acts of war, terrorism, theft, manmade disasters or anything out of The Scotland Yard Store's control once items have shipped.  If by chance you do need replacement items, please contact us ASAP. If you need an item shipped out the next day, you must contact us by 12pm Eastern time that day. Also, please note that UPS Saturday and USPS Express Mail Saturday delivery is available to most, but Not All areas.


The Scotland Yard Store will take care of all normal and ordinary cleaning and Dry Cleaning of rental items upon return. We will take care of any minor repairs such as missing buttons, broken shoes laces.  The renter will be held responsible for damages to rental items such as rips, cuts, tears, holes, burns, non removable stains, discoloration or non removable smells. 



Sash and Pin rental
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