Rental Center Tips

Kilt size - You are responsible for getting accurate measurements to us in plenty of time before your event. See the sizing page for measurement information.

Jacket size - The more information you can give us will prevent last minute sizing problems for you. See the sizing page for details.

 Shipping - We will make every effort to get your outfit to your event on time. It is understood that you pay the shipping costs and return costs. If you wish to exchange sizes before your event, we will try to accommodate you requests, however, you pay all overnight shipping fees. Returns - Please return all goods within 5 days after your event. If you need more time, call us at 1-800-636-0116 to work out terms. Goods not returned on time will be charged a late fee. Please ensure all items are packed for return. You will be charged for all items lost, stolen or just don't make it back to The Scotland Yard , LTD. We recommend you purchase postal insurance for the value of your rental. For weddings, we recommend you assign someone to return the outfits for you to avoid post-wedding problems.

 Cleaning - The Scotland Yard , LTD will take care of most cleaning issues. We Dry Clean and Press every rental outfit upon return. However, please use discretion and avoid food fights. All damaged goods must be replaced by you.

Please call us with your concerns if there is a problem. We at The Scotland Yard , LTD will make every effort to make your rental experience memorable and pleasant. Please call us if you have any questions, concerns or special requests.

Please Note: To insure that your rental items arrive in time for your event, we ask that you place your order an absolute minimum of 72 hours before your event, 1 week if 3 or more outfits on the same order.   Please try to give us 21 days notice for orders of 5 or more outfits. Thank You.

Rental Center Tips
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