Quality Kilt Hose

Quality Kilt Hose


High quality Men's or Ladies kilt hose available in many colors. Each set of hose is 40% wool, 40% Acrylic and 20% nylon. Lightweight enough for Spring or Summer games while being heavy enough for colder weather too. Make the most of your kilt outfit with the right accessories.


Available in Mens sizes (small 6-8.5, Med 9-10.5, Large 11-13), Ladies subtract 2 mens sizes for correct fit (example ladies size 8 will fit with mens size 6).


Available in: Charcoal, Navy Blue, Lovet Green, Bottle Green, Black and Cream (off white)?

Sorry, but the Brown Kilt Hose in the picture has been discontinued as of March 2013. The gray hose has been replaced with the slightly darker Charcoal for 2018.  


Made in the UK

Quality Kilt Hose
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