House of Edger 16oz 8 Yard Custom Made Kilt

The House of Edger 16oz 8 Yard Custom Made Kilt is the pinnacle of a modern classic Scottish Highland Dress Mens kilt. 



8 Yard 16oz Kilt

Our Kilts all feature only the highest quality worsted wool, 4 inch pleats, and 3 leather belts. All Custom Made to Your Measurements. Please browse our Tartan Finder to select the tartan of your choice or clan. This kilt is made from double width fabric. Kilts are available pleated to the sett or stripe in the regimental fashion. We will pleat to the sett unless otherwise specified.

Time Payment Plan $75 down $50 per month with valid credit.

Please allow 6-12 weeks for this custom kilt .  Our expert seamstress will make you a really nice kilt but you may wait up to 12 weeks for delivery. But at these prices , its worth the wait..Just shop around. Fabric woven House of Edgar.

 Made in Scotland, UK


After the Scottish Jacobite Rebellion failed, a law as passed in 1746 making it illegal for Highlanders to own or possess arms. In 1747 the  Act of Proscription  restricted the wearing of any form Plaid, Philbeag, Belted Plaid, Shoulder Belt or Kilt in public. Punishment for first offense was a six month imprisonment, second offense earned the wearer a seven year exile to an overseas work farm. The Bagpipes were also outlawed, considered an instrument of war. Only individuals in the Army were permitted to wear the Plaid. Consequently, many Highlanders enlisted enabling them to wear their more comfortable, traditional clothing.

The  Act of Proscription was repealed in 1783, but it had succeeded in changing Highland Society. Many of the traditions and customs had been lost forever, wearing the Kilt was no longer considered a way of life for Scottish Highlanders.

With the growing feeling of Nationalism in Scotland, the Kilt is being worn more often than in the last 100 years. Many Scotsmen are rediscovering their roots and beginning to show great interest in reviving some of the old traditions and customs of the Highlanders. The Tartan Kilt is probably the most World-wide identifiable garment worn by any one group of individuals.

House of Edger 16oz 8 Yard Custom Made Kilt
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