Fly Plaid in 13oz Tartan Wool

Fly Plaid in 13oz Tartan Wool


The 13oz Fly Plaid is imported from The House of Edger in Scotland. The Fly Plaid is designed to be worn on the shoulder with a Bonnie Prince Charlie Jacket to add another layer of tartan coloring to your formal Highland Outfit. This is truly the height of Scottish Men's style and adds a uniquely sophisticated look to your wardrobe. This is a Custom Item. Fringed on 4 sides with center join Square purled fringe,  approx. 55 X 55 inches, 13 oz. fabric weight. 

 Allow 8 to10 weeks for delivery.

Made in Scotland at the House of Edger

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Please only select one tartan choice. 

Please Note: Non returnable or refundable item, custom made. 
Due to color difference  between manufacturers and fabric sizing of patterns due to process of manufacture of the different weight of fabrics. For example, most 11oz kilts tartan setts are smaller than the tartan setts in 13oz and 16oz kilts. Tartan colors may vary slightly between manufactures. 

Fly Plaid in 13oz Tartan Wool
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