Badger Fur Sporran with Tassels

Badger Fur Sporran with Tassels

 Badger fur is one of the thickest and full bodied, giving this sporran a very distinctive and impressive look. This sporran uses badger fur for the front body and tassels and features a Celtic embossed targe with studwork and center boss. The cantle is chrome and features a stamped Celtic weave pattern. The tassels are mounted on chrome chain and chrome ball bells.

The origin of the sporran goes hand in hand with the traditional highland kilt, since the attire didn't come with the convenience of pockets a leather pouch became a useful means of keeping together all those valuable items such as money, food, musket balls and the teeth of any unsuspecting rival clansmen!


Formal dress badger fur sporran with tassels.

Dress Sporran. Fur - Badger * Sporran Back - Black Grained Cantle - Open Weave Targe - Black Leather Black Foil and Chrome Studs Tassels - Badger Fur Strap: Black Chain Strap Included


Made in Canada

Badger Fur Sporran with Tassels
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