Badger Full Mask 6 Tassel Military Sporran

Badger Full Mask 6 Tassel Military Sporran


The full mask or head on sporran is the oldest form of sporran, they have been used for 100s of years. The pelts of wild animals would be used when the animals were captured for food, that way none of the animal was wasted. Today we still use this age old style of sporran, mainly for dress occasions. Some Highland Military Regiments also use full mask sporrans as part of their dress uniform.

This is undoubtedly one of our most distinctive sporrans! It features a full mask badger with six horsehair bristle tassels on serrated gilt cones with red leather accents. The 6 tassels hang from beautiful decorative knotwork made from gold cord. This is one of the most impressive sporrans to be found anywhere in the world and is the Officer's sporran of both the Argyll and Sutherlands Regiment as well as the Calgary Highlanders Regiment.

All L & M full mask sporrans are very lifelike and true to the animals form and feature a full pouch that can be accessed by lifting the head portion.



The MSF-1016 Military Badger Head-On Sporran Fur: Badger Sporran Back: Highland Red Grain Cantle: Brass Plated - Full Tassels: Brush Horsehair with Gilt Cones Strap: Brown/Brass Chain Strap Included.

Please allow 4 weeks for delivery.

Made In Canada


+ We can also get these sporrons in the Argyll & Sutherland Officer Full Mask Sporran, but written permission from Regimental Command is required to order this sporran.?


Military Badger Full Mask Sporran
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