Badger Full Mask 6 Tassel Brass Sporran

Badger Full Mask 6 Tassel Brass Sporran


This is undoubtedly one of our most distinctive sporrans! It features a full mask badger with six horsehair bristle tassels on smooth brass cones with red leather accents. The 6 tassels hang from beautiful decorative knotwork made from gold cord. This is one of the most impressive sporrans to be found anywhere in the world. This is one of two civilian versions of this sporran. 

Nothing says showmanship like the wonderful hand crafted formal Full Mask Head on Badger fur sporran. This sporran has brass hardware with fur tassels and a fully functional pouch.



This sporran has the full head of a Badger, a functional, opening pouch, 6 horsehair tassels and features : *Fur: Badger *Sporran Back: Highland Red Grain *Cantle: Brass Plated - Full *Tassels: Brush Horsehair with Chrome Cones *Strap: Black/Brass Chain Strap Included Please refer to item number MSF-1016 if you have any questions. Please allow 2-4 week for delivery or call 1-800-636-0116 for availability.

Made in Canada


Badger Full Mask Head on fur Sporran with Brass Hardware
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  • Item #: MSF-1016-brass
  • Manufacturer: L&M
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: msf-1016
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Price $889.00