Argyle Jacket

 Argyle Jacket


The Argyle jacket is arguably the most versitile of all the kilt jackets., so much so that it may be the only kilt jacket that you need.

What is an Argyle Jacket?

The Argyll jacket is the kilt jacket most favored for day wear. It is also often called the Argyle jacket don't be confused or mislead into thinking these are different jackets, they are not, and only the spelling is different. The biggest advantage that the Argyll has over other kilt jackets, such as the Prince Charlie, for example, is its versatility. While the Prince Charlie is suitable only for evening and formal wear, the Argyll on the other hand can be worn for formal, semi-formal and for day wear. So it can be reasonably argued that the Argyll is the most versatile kilt jacket that you can own.

Argyle Jacket Description: This jacket is designed to be worn to a variety of functions. It is made of top quality black wool and features gauntlet cuffs, diamond shaped, silver-tone, lion rampant buttons and epaulettes.

These jackets are in UK sizes and tend to run a little narrower in the shoulders than USA suit jackets, if you have a heavy or athetic build, we recommend you order 1 size larger than your normal suit jacket.

Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for delivery, Made in the UK.

Argyle Jacket
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