13 Ounce Braeriach Weight District Tartan Fabric

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 Imported directly from Scotland, this Scottish Tartan Fabric is available by the yard in 54  inch (140cm) approximate double widths. 100% pure wool is woven into the finest of fabrics perfect for Scottish crafts such as reupholstering your dining room set into your family tartan. Please select the tartan of your choice from out Tartan Finder. Please allow 6-12 weeks for delivery or call 800-636-0116 for availability. Sold by the yard. Double width.

*Please note that Tartan Fabric is a Custom order item and once ordered can not be returned or exchanged. It is possible for tartan set patterens and tartan colors to vary slightly from one mfg. to another.

13 Ounce Braeriach Weight Scottish Tartan Fabric
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